What ya need? I've leveled it!

Any applications to the guild go in here
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What ya need? I've leveled it!

Postby Bamnz » Sun Feb 04, 2018 4:22 am

1. Are you applying for Raid or Social Membership?
-Social at first. See how it goes as it were. Have all classes leveled though varying from ilvl 900-945 if am not at work and something is needed. (pls, not heals, pls .. dont make me)

2. Age and country. (if you don't want to specify your age, you can put a range i.e. between 30 and 40.)
-39, UK

3. Are you male of female?

4. Why did you pick Order of the Silver Dawn (OSD) as a guild for you?
-Seem chilled on the streams i have seen. I am looking for a new home for BfA. A relaxing place to play and ultimately raid.

5. How did you first hear about OSD?
-Google searched pointed me to your post on the forums when i added Manchester to the terms ¬_¬

6. Do you know anyone in the guild who can vouch for your application (please include how you know them, RL/game)?

7. What is your current guild (if any) and reason for wanting to leave them?
-Helping Hands - Khadgar.
-Breathe ... They make me Raid Lead :D Lovely peeps but very casual and randomly senstive to any feedback however diplomatically handled. Running out of egg shells to soften my steps :D

8. Is this your main character? (Please also provide armoury link if possible)
-My current main is a Lock called Bewbies (https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/chara ... of/bewbies), my 2nd toon fills in gaps that need filling is a Drood called Tweetsyogi (https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/chara ... tweetsyogi). But i play whatever is needed. Only spec i have never played is Holy Priest.
-if you have a dire need for a class/spec lemme know. Got a Void elf i can be leveling/boosting or use one of my ready-mades on bloodhoof.

9. What Role are you applying for? i.e Tank/Healer/DPS (Raid applications only)
-DPS. Even my Tanks and healers are setup to DPS ... am a true DPS whore, but not at the sake of the kill/mechanics

10. How do you rate your current gear for this role, from where has most of it been obtained? (Raid applications only)
-Adequate, nees a few chants and gems. Mostly from Normal Raids. Think i did LFR ToS once. M+ pieces too i think.

11. How long have you been playing wow?
-since just before 2.3 when they got rid of the hunter dead zone. Did have a break from when Siege of Orctown was released to Legion (All of WoD basically) though.

12. What is your raid experience? (Raid applications only)
-At my first raid guilds heights (The Reunion on bloodhoof), fighting for server 1sts on hard mode Ulduar 10m with my First Main, Huntard called Bambislayer. He stays there purely for nostalgia purposes :D Even have the swift alliance stead from trial of the crusader .. er .. champion ... er .. that bad raid in Wrath. Such an underwhelming but now unobtainable mount :D
-Today we raid Normal Antorus and make it look hard

13. Our main raid days are Wednesday, Sunday and Monday 20:30 - 23:00 server time. Can you be on line for some of these (generally)? (Raid applications only)
-Sunday's not usually a problem unless family birthdays etc. Monday and Wednesdays will be down to my work shifts which change every week but i will know in advance.

14. Anything else you want to add? (Post here if you do)
-With the free level boosts and incentive to level I'd like to join and see how it goes. Am really looking for a new home. The guild i am in i have helped to the best of my ability but we have very different wants when it comes to raiding. You can see from my char history i dont guild change lightly so a server change is big for me. May even have to add it to my life events on facebook. ¬_¬

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Re: What ya need? I've leveled it!

Postby Vedalkan » Sun Feb 04, 2018 5:55 pm

Hey, if you add Thynris#2630 we can get you invited

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